Awards And Rewards

* Best College Award – University of Mumbai


• Mr. Gavare S.S. was awarded Best N.S.S. Progrmme officer for Thane District in 2007-08.


• Miss Deepali Mandalik awarded ‘Best N.S.S. Volunteer’ of Mumbai University in 2007-08.
• Mr. Soshte Harendra awarded ‘Best N.S.S. Volunteer in Thane District’ in 2005-06.
• Mr. Shingole Naresh awarded ‘Best N.S.S. Volunteer’ in Thane District in 2006-07.
• Miss Manisha Vishe awarded ‘Best N.S.S. Volunteer’ at National level N.S.S. Camp in 2006-07.
• P.E.C. under DACEE has got Second Prize for Best Poster Competition and Skit Competition at
University level Udaan Festival 2008.
• In addition to above Prizes, the students of N.S.S. and P.E.C. have got many prizes at District,
State and University level Competitions.


• Our college has got the award of ‘The Best College N.S.S. Unit’ at District level in 2007-08 by the University.